Counseling or Coaching: Which path is best for me?


If life is going reasonably well for you, and you experience little daily upset in most areas of life, it is likely that a mental health diagnosis does not apply.  As a result, you would be a candidate for the coaching path, which is mostly present focused with specific and often short-term goals, such as enhancing work performance, acquiring the career you desire, getting a promotion, enhancing personal relationships, or being a more effective parent.  In this case, insurance cannot be used since a diagnosis doesn't apply.


Counseling clients experience more distress and are aware that they are struggling significantly.  When difficulties are persistent and interfere with daily functioning, a mental health diagnosis is warranted.  If you meet this criteria, more time may be spent exploring patterns in order to work through the core issues.  Strategies to alleviate daily distress will also be important.  For counseling clients, insurance can be used.  United Healthcare and Custom Design Benefits are accepted at this office.

You can also elect to not use insurance benefits even if a diagnosis applies.  This option is for those who want maximum confidentiality (meaning your information will not be shared with an insurance company for the purpose of payment for treatment).