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The Aspire! Program

Group Coaching for Personal Growth & Success

February 9 - March 30

Wednesdays 6:00-7:30pm

Kettering Ohio


Aspire! is an eight-week and in-person group coaching program designed for those who are ready to take action to achieve an important goal. This carefully selected group will include no more than six members who are prepared to actively engage in a structured and supportive program in order to facilitate increased effectiveness and outcomes.


All you need to have in advance is a desire to reach your goal. The guidance and support along with important tools for success will be provided along the way.


If you desire the following, you're likely a great fit for the program:


- Expertise from a skilled counselor and coach without the high cost of one-on-one coaching


- Guidance from a leader who can assist with promoting strengths and breaking down barriers


- Accountability by meeting weekly with the group and during check-in points with the coach


- Peer support and productive feedback


- A safe setting to try out new and improved ways of engaging


- Proven tools that can be applied across many areas of life



Contact me to arrange a 20-minute online interview to find out if this group experience is the right fit for you!

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