Mindfulness, EMDR, & Brainspotting (BSP)

Being present and working through emotions, thoughts, and experiences, can be challenging.  Feeling stuck and overwhelmed occurs when difficulties in life are tied to a history of trauma or dysfunctional patterns.  It's often the case that assistance is needed to explore the blocks or barriers that show up when trying to move forward.  As a result, I use the tools of EMDR and BSP to work through the points of suffering whether it's showing up as a mood disturbance or unhealthy choices and behaviors.  The goal with EMDR and BSP is to break through barriers so that you may more fully live in the present without needless suffering.  Both EMDR and BSP are tools that target the area of difficulty and reprocess it at a much faster pace than what can be achieved with traditional talk therapy alone.


CBT/Solution-Focused Therapy

The focus is to enhance problem-solving skills and to tackle self-defeating thoughts and behaviors using cognitive-behavioral methods to find solutions that actually work. Creating a template for managing life's difficulties and/or achieving specific goals can be accomplished by using natural strengths and abilities to implement effective strategies for success. 

Positive Psychology

Building on strengths and putting you in charge of your success is empowering and liberating. You have the ability to achieve your goals. It's a matter of refining core strengths and creating a solid foundation of confidence and motivation to achieve any desired goal. The focus is less on a disorder and more on harnessing individual potential.



Living authentically is essential to emotional health and wellness. The focus is on exploring your authentic self, which includes your true set of values, priorities, and ideals and differentiating those that were a part of past conditioning that are not serving you. Trudging through life leads to disease and disorder. Living deliberately with a sense of purpose, however, allows you to thrive. 


Collaborative Relationship

Whether you are interested in counseling or coaching, my philosophy for improving your wellness is to foster a team approach where we work together to devise a plan that meets your needs and your goals.  Collaborating is important as it allows you the opportunity to be an active participant in the change process.